Waterjet Cutting

Hussey Performance utilizes an Omax Waterjet Machine capable of delivering extremely precision cutting for a wide variety of materials.

Materials types:
We can cut nearly any flat solid material and can precisely cut layered materials like fiberglass or garolite.

Cutting specifications:
Our cutting bed is 60” X 60” and the thickest material we can cut is roughly 10 inches.

Pricing is based on materials, the quality of the edge, time on the machine, and any additional work that might need to be done to the part. We quote every job individually.

Quote process:
Send us your CAD drawing in .dxf format.

Reverse engineering:
You can also send us your old part that we will copy. You can supply the material or we can source it. We keep a small inventory of plate and sheet metal.

Additional work:
We are able to do finishing work, if needed, to your part.

  1. Nickel/Chrome plating
  2. Polishing
  3. Painting
  4. Tapping/countersinking
  5. Pin mark permanent part numbers
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