Hussey Performance

The choice of champions

With over 40 years in the copper industry, Hussey Performance sources the highest quality copper made with the tightest tolerances. Everything from our equipment to our materials is made in the USA.

We keep copper in stock to make gaskets ranging from .025” to .125” in thickness in 1 thousand increments, with thickness tolerance less than .0005”.

Hussey Performance gaskets can be made with a lead time of less than 5 days. We have thousands of drawings and part numbers with a wide range of temper to ensure you get the exact material for your application.

From Top Fuel to tractors and everything in between, Hussey Performance is the choice of Champions!

  • Head Gaskets
  • Intake/Exhaust
  • Custom Made
  • Oil Pan Gaskets 
  • Automotive
  • Aircraft 
  • Tractor/Diesel 
  • ATV/Motorcycle
  • Testing R/D
  • Large Materials Inventory
  • Plating/Polishing
  • Tapping/Countersinking 
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